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Dreadful Wind and Rain

Cecil Sharp House hosts exhibition depicting famed folk murder ballad

‘Dreadful Wind and Rain’ by Isabel Greenberg, 6 November to 31 January

Inspired by the jealous, lustful and murderous folk song narratives, Isabel Greenberg presents her interpretation of the cruel and fantastical folk song Two Sisters at Cecil Sharp House from 6 November.

The exhibition will showcase Isabel’s visual exploration of the narrative and feature her work produced for her comic about the song, published by Gosh Comics.

Expect to see dioramas, beautiful drawings, prints and original interpretations of this well-known song.

The exhibition is free to view during building opening hours.


About the Two Sisters

The Two Sisters is a murder ballad that recounts the tale of a girl drowned by her sister. It is first known to have appeared on a broadside in 1656 as ‘The Miller and the King's Daughter. There are dozens of variants of the song under several names including ‘The Cruel Sister’, ‘The Wind and Rain’, ‘Dreadful Wind and Rain’ and ‘Two Sisters’ with varying twists on the story. The song also travelled to North America and features in many other northern European song collections.

Several versions exist in The Full English collection from EFDSS and can be viewed here.


About Isabel

Isabel won the 2011 Observer/Jonathan Cape Graphic short prize and has previously published work with Jonathan Cape. Her work is heavily influenced by mythology, fairy tales and, at the moment, a lot of English folklore.

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