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Bibliographies introduction

The Roud Bibliography support and enhance the Folk Song Index and Broadside Index, and can be used in conjunction with them or as an independent database. In both of these indexes, the SOURCE field includes a shortened bibliographical reference which refers to the publication or collection in which the song is to be found, and the Bibliography provides full details of these items.

Any format of material can be included, but the bulk of the entries relate to books, articles, published sound recordings, unpublished manuscript and sound collections, and so on.

The simplest link between these indexes and the Bibliography is via the ROUDBIB field, which contains a number, with the prefix 'X'. In the full record display, this number can be found in the Relationships section at the bottom. Click on 'View' and the Xnumber will be revealed and a click on that number will take the user straight to the relevant entry in the Bibliography.

The Roud Bibliography is a major guide to folk song materials in its own right, and can be searched and browsed.

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