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Made in the Great War

Sam Sweeney’s Made in the Great War

During September 2014, Bellowhead musician, Sam Sweeney, will be on tour with a concert show called Made in the Great War, based on the story of a fiddle he bought at an Oxford music shop several years ago.

The fiddle appeared new, but a label inside included the words ‘Made in the Great War’ and the name of its maker, Richard Spencer Howard. The article in the Autumn issue of English Dance & Song magazine previews the concert tour, and accompanying CD, and outlines the research undertaken to discover more about the life of Richard Howard, and how the ‘new’ fiddle came to be in Sam Sweeney’s possession.

Tour dates for the show can be found here.

Sam received an English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) Creative Bursary to assist in the early stages of this project.


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