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Martyn Joseph

Martyn Joseph

Welsh singer-songwriter and guitarist, Martyn Joseph returns to Cecil Sharp House for a much anticipated show on 28 November.

Ahead of the show, Joseph, known as the 'Welsh Springsteen' told us a little about his musical influences, recommendations and his forthcoming album of Springsteen hits, Tires Rushing By In The Rain.

Describe your music for someone who has never heard it. 

Passionate, committed storytelling with an ear for the underdog

Who would you say your greatest musical influences are?

Probably Springsteen but Max Boyce was the one that pulled me in first

What has been your career highlight?

Too many but its not things like chart positions..more like playing in the Favela above Rio and being guarded by drug barrons

You are a native Welsh man and given that your most recent album is titled Songs For The Coming Home, how much has your homeland influenced your music?

You cant run from it..its always there..we call it 'Hiraeth'..the love of the land or the longing of the soul to return home.

If you could jam with any artist, past or present, who would it be?

Hmm..Paul Robeson

What was the last CD you bought?

Manic Street Preachers Rewind The Film.

What was the last gig attended?

Bruce Springsteen in Cardiff.

Your music recommendations for 2014?

Check out Paper Aeroplanes.

You have just released a new Springsteen inspired album – how long has this been in the pipeline and what are your plans for this album?

For a long time I have included the odd Bruce cover at shows. It was though many kind folk saying you should record them that the idea hatched and I have resisted a while. then Dave Marsh, Springsteen friend and biographer said he would write the sleeve notes and that was that. Though I held my breath for a while its doing very well and even the critics are being kind.

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