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Folk Music Journal: Volume 9 Number 1

Volume 9 Number 1 (2006) contains the following pieces:



Keith Chandler  Popular Culture in Microcosm: The Manuscript Diaries of Richard Heritage of Marsh Gibbon, Buckinghamshire

All too often, popular culture has been segmented and compartmentalized by collectors and historians: this informant was a singer, that a musician, a third a morris dancer. Frequently overlooked is the reality that individual talent may be projected in numerous directions. Previously unseen outside of a family context, thirty years' worth of unpublished diaries maintained by an inhabitant of the rural south midlands during the first half of the nineteenth century, whose activities encompassed all of these fields and others, permit a unique, in-depth study of the popular culture of that time and region. 

Graham Seal A. L. Lloyd in Australia: Some Conclusions 

The nature and extent of A. L. Lloyd's editing and reworking of Australian folk songs has long been a controversial issue in Australia. Examination of the extant Lloyd papers and a survey of the work of other researchers allows for a critical consideration of Lloyd's editorial practices and also an assessment of his importance for Australian folk song scholarship. These issues are significant ones, both for understanding the nature of the Australian bush song tradition and for its general presentation to the public. 

David Atkinson, Folk Songs in Print: Text and Tradition 

'Oral tradition' has long been considered a define characteristic of folk song. Yet England has been a text-based society over the whole of the period from which ballads and folk songs are known (often through printed sources). In place of the emphasis on orality, therefore, a characteristic kind of textuality, described here as 'vernacular', unstable, or 'centrifugal', is identified in folk songs, irrespective of whether they are manifested in singing or in print. Unlike the 'literary' texts presented, for example, in Percy's Reliques, individual texts of this kind carry no special textual authority in themselves but rather an inherent reference outwards towards all their other actual and potential manifestations, regardless of format, embracing the possibility of variation as well as of continuity. This kind of vernacular textuality, it is argued, provides an important locus for the instantiation of 'tradition'. 

Michael Yates and Steve Roud Alice E. Gillington: Dweller on the Roughs

Alice E. Gillington was a pioneer collector of songs from English Gypsies and yet today she remains largely unknown. Although invited to join the Folk-Song Society, she never did so. This paper considers her collection and collecting methods, asks why Gillington remained apart from other collectors, and tries to discover why she chose to follow her own path.


Phil Tanner A History of the Rapper Dance


Reviews — Books

Sandra Kerr Folk Song: Tradition, Revival, and Re-Creation (Russell and Atkinson)
Graeme Kirkham Country Music Records: A Discography, 1921–1942 (Russell)
Jerome Epstein Dear Companion: Appalachian Traditional Songs
and Singers from the Cecil Sharp Collection
(Bradtke, Yates, and Taylor)
Graham Seal Hearing the Call: Music and Social History on
Lord Howe Island
Michael Heaney Records of Early English Drama: Oxford (Elliott and Nelson; Johnston and Wyatt)
Robert Burns Electric Folk: The Changing Face of English Traditional Music (Sweers)
David Atkinson The Singer and the Scribe: European Ballad Traditions and European Ballad Cultures (Bennett and  Green)


Reviews — CD ROM

Roy Palmer The Singer and the Scribe: European Ballad Traditions and European Ballad Cultures
(Bennett and Green)


Reviews — Sound Recordings

Vic Gammon

Yon Green Banks: Songs Sung in South Yorkshire (Will Noble and John Cocking)

The Birds Upon the Tree: More Songs and Tunes from the Mike Yates Collection

Ray Templeton Stranded in the USA: Early Songs of Emigration
Keith Chandler

Hidden Fermanagh: Traditional Music and Song from County Fermanagh

The Hardy Sons of Dan: Football, Hunting and Other Traditional Songs from Around Loch Erne’s Shore



John Jenner William Walker (Walter) Abson
Stephen D. Winick Alan Dundes
Maurice Fleming Cathie Higgins (née Stewart)
Norm Cohen, with Terry Zug and Dan Patterson Eleanor R. Long-Wilgus
Jim Carroll and Pat MacKenzie  Michael ‘Mikeen’ McCarthy
Mary McCarthy  Margaret Fay Shaw
Ian Russell  Leslie Alan Shepard
Roy Palmer  Cyril Tawney


Cover illustrations: Richard Heritage, probably 12 September 1860. Photograph courtesy of Jill Jay. Page from Richard Heritage's manuscript tune book. Keith Chandler Collection

Editor: David Atkinson


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