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At the heart of English folk


English Dance and Song, Spring 2017

English Dance & Song, Spring 2017

As the days get warmer and the nights get brighter, we’re hoping to put a spring in your step, a song in your heart and bring music to your ears via the pages of EDS.

English Dance and Song, Winter 2016

English Dance & Song, Winter 2016

The winter edition of EDS is out now!

English Dance & Song, Autumn 2016

English Dance & Song, Autumn 2016

As autumn descends and the nights draw in, grab yourself a cup of something hot, pull a chair up to the fireside and browse the pages of the latest edition of EDS.

English Dance and Song

English Dance & Song, Summer 2016

Summer has arrived, marking the height of our wonderful folk festival season.

English Dance & Song, Spring 2015

English Dance & Song, Spring 2016

Sweet Liberties, an EFDSS project commissioned by Parliament, delves into the long history of English democracy spanning back more than 800 years. Read about how it came together and where artists Nancy Kerr, Martyn Joseph, Sam Carter and Maz O’Connor found inspiration for their songs.