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At the heart of English folk


EDS Spring 2018

English Dance & Song, Spring 2018

There’s plenty to celebrate in this edition of EDS, including some landmarks to mention at EFDSS itself.

EDS Winter 2017

English Dance & Song, Winter 2017

Though it may be chilly outside, there’s a warm glow within the pages of EDS.

English Dance & Song, Autumn 2017

English Dance & Song, Autumn 2017

Autumn may be upon us, but fine memories of the summer’s festivals prevail. In this edition, you can read reviews by some of our contributors, plus find out what festivals are taking place in our autumn festival guide.

English Dance and Song, Spring 2017

English Dance & Song, Summer 2017

Summer’s arrived and that means there are lots of great folk festivals to enjoy – come rain or shine!

English Dance and Song, Spring 2017

English Dance & Song, Spring 2017

As the days get warmer and the nights get brighter, we’re hoping to put a spring in your step, a song in your heart and bring music to your ears via the pages of EDS.