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Two Folk Dance Tune Sets



Two Folk Dance Tune Sets

A set of jigs and a set of reels chosen and arranged by Rob Harbron as part of The Full English school project at Hanham High School, South Gloucestershire in 2014.

Each set consists of 3 dance tunes chosen to work well together as a set. One is a set of reels, tunes in simple time (2/4, 4/4, 2/4), used for dances such as the Dashing White Sergeant. The other set is of jigs, tunes in compound time (6/8, 9/8, 12/8), used for dances such as Circassian Circle. Each tune might be repeated a few times before moving on to the next in the set.

Chords have been suggested – but these chords are merely suggestions – most folk musicians would use chords similar to these but different musicians would be likely to change chords in different places. Some players would use a lot more relative minors, some would hold drones or pedals, and some would go for a much more jazzy approach. And of course the tunes work very well by themselves with no chords.

You can download the Two Folk Dance Sets pack on the PDF tab.

Audio recordings of Rob playing each individual tune slowly, and then each set played at dance speed are available at the audio tab.


Rob Harbron

Rob is a sought-after multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer and one of the country’s leading players of the English concertina. He performs and records with numerous artists including Leveret, Fay Hield and the Hurricane Party, Emma Reid, Jon Boden and the Remnant Kings, Kerr Fagan Harbron and Fieldfare. He was Musical Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2013 production of The Winter’s Tale, and he has recently been commissioned to write music for the British Silent Film Festival, the English Folk Dance and Song Society and the Royal Geographical Society. He is a popular teacher and workshop leader, directs the English Acoustic Collective Summer School and has been a tutor for the National Youth Folklore Troupe of England.

More videos

  • Cock O The North - slow - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(1.72MB) ogg(4.13MB)
  • Country Dance (Henry Cave) - slow - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(2.23MB) ogg(6.45MB)
  • Jig Set: Queen's Delight, Cock O The North, Kingsbury Jig - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(5.52MB) ogg(15.91MB)
  • Kingsbury Jig - slow - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(1.74MB) ogg(4.34MB)
  • Morpeth Rant - slow - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(2.24MB) ogg(6.44MB)
  • Queen's Delight - slow - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(1.71MB) ogg(4.39MB)
  • Reel Set: Twin Sisters, Morpeth Rant, Country Dance (Henry Cave) - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(6.27MB) ogg(0 bytes)
  • Twin Sisters - slow - Rob Harbron

    Download: mp3(2.22MB) ogg(6.02MB)

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