Historical Dance Tune Books

The Vaughan Williams Memorial Library (VWML) contains many rare and unique items of literature, both printed and in manuscript, including a large collection of historic dance books and manuscript tune books. This gallery brings together a selection of these digitised items from across our library and archive collections.

The VWML is indebted to Robin Seifert for his kind assistance digitising the manuscript collections.

The development of this gallery has been funded by the Islington Folk Club and Paul Cooper.

Anonymous MS Tunebook c1830
Wright's Compleat Collection vol 1
Yarker's 1797 Tunebook
The Treasures of Terpischore by T. Wilson (1809)
An Analysis of Country Dancing by T. Wilson (1808)
W. G.'s Violin Tunebook
Rutherford's compleat vol 2
Rutherford's compleat vol 1
Rutherford's selected
Preston's 1800
Skene's 1838 Tunebook 1
Urbani and Listons 1800
Thompson's 1782
Thompson's 1780
Thompson's 1779
Thompson's 1778
Thompson's 1776
Thompson's 1774
Thompson's 1767
Thompson's 1765
Thompson's 1762
Straight's 1784
Straight's 1783
Straight's 1779
Straight & Skillern's Minuets for the year 1777
Skillern's 1799
Skillern's 1782
Skillern's 1781
Skillern's 1780
Skene's 1838 Tunebook 2
Preston's 1799
Preston's 1798
Preston's 1796
Preston's 1794
Preston's 1793
Old Reels and Dance Tunes and Old Yorkshire Tunes
Johnson volume 8
John Moore book 3
John Moore book 2
John Moore book 1
Longman's XXIV New Cotillons
Robert Harrison
Henry Huntlea's 1884 Tunebook
Companion to the Reticule
Button and Whitaker's 1818 (Le Sylphe)
Button and Whitaker's 1810
Kitty Bridge's 1745 Notebook
Button and Whitaker's 1809
Anonymous Tunebook
Anonymous Tunebook
Anonymous MS Tunebook c1850
Anonymous 19th Century Tunebook