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At the heart of English folk
Ben Nicholls

Ben Nicholls

Kings of the South Seas are launching their new album at Cecil Sharp House on Tuesday 18 November. We caught up with Ben Nicholls to find out a bit more about him as a musician and his ideas behind the project.

Daniel Walkowitz

Daniel Walkowitz

Everyone loves a movie night. Settle down with us in Kennedy Hall at Cecil Sharp House on Tuesday 4 November for a screening of the brand new ethnographic documentary City Folk, a film examining the English Country Dance movement. Particular focus is placed on Pinewoods Camp and the wider impact of the dances on the United States.

Exclusive Interview: Isabel Greenberg

Isabel Greenberg

Ahead of the opening of her new exhibition on Wednesday 5 November, we caught up with award-winning writer and illustrator Isabel Greenberg to discuss her new comic, plus broader topics such as her inspiration, creative process and future projects.