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At the heart of English folk
Sharon Shannon

Exclusive interview: Sharon Shannon

Irish musician Sharon Shannon has achieved legendary status for her arrangements of traditional Irish tunes and her genre-defying collaborations. She plays at Cecil Sharp House on 13 June alongside Senagalese kora master Seckou Keita. We caught up with Sharon to learn more about this partnership, her wider musical influences, and more…


Exclusive interview: Edgelarks

Edgelarks duo Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin released their long-awaited fifth album 'Feather' earlier this month. Ahead of their launch show here on 30 May, we caught up with them to discuss the concept behind the album, their musical approach and their thoughts on the folk scene today...

Joshua Burnell

Joshua Burnell

Ahead of his gig at Cecil Sharp House on 22 May, we caught up with Joshua Burnell to discuss his approach to creating music, wider influences, and more:

Alistair Anderson

Alistair Anderson is bringing his new band to Cecil Sharp House on Thursday 15 March. Ahead of their performance, we had a chat with Alistair to find out more about how his new line-up came together, their creative process and plans for the future.

Germa Adan

Germa Adan

Ahead of her performance at Cecil Sharp House on Wednesday 11 October 2017, we had a chat with EFDSS Creative Seed Funding recipient Germa Adan about her music, her recent projects and her influences.