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Folk Music Journal: Volume 8 Number 5

Volume 8 Number 5 (2005) contains the following pieces:



Christopher Heppa, Harry Cox and his Friends: Song Transmission in an East Norfolk Singing Community, c.1896-1960

The nature of folk-song transmission within a community is problematic, but not impossible to reconstruct, at least to some extent. An opportunity is provided through an examination of the singing community that existed in east Norfolk in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, centred on the figure of Harry Cox. Evidence from the cllector E.J. Moeran, and later collectors,together with recordings and interviews with relatives of the singers, are used to show how members of this community learned and transmitted their song,s and to come to some tentative conclusions about the nature of sing transmission within this small area.

E. Wyn James, Painting the World Green: Dafydd Iwan and the Welsh Protest Ballad

Dafydd Iwan, the current (2005) president of the Welsh nationalist party, Plaid Cymru, has been a key figure in the significant renewal of national identity Wales has witnessed since the 1960s. While his contribution has been many-faceted, it is arguably as a singer-songwriter that he has been most influential. A master of satirical, political song, his work is a complex plethora of indigenous Welsh and Anglo-American influences, which can only be fully appreciated by being placed in the context of the preservation and modernization of Welsh culture on the one hand, and of the post-war folk revival and the international rights and justice movement of the 1960s on the other. Although not well known outside Wales, Dafydd Iwan is a figure of international significance, both as an embodiment in a specific cultural context of the singer-songwriter par excellence and as a concrete example of the power and influence of popular song.

Resources in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library: The Anne G. Gilchrist Manuscript Collection (Lyn Wolz)

Folk-song collector and tune expert Anne Geddes Gilchrist (1863-1954) was a member of the editorial boards of the English folk-song societies from 1906 to 1948. This article gives a brief introduction to her life and her contributions to folk-song collection and scholarship. A survey of the types of materials included in Gilchrist's papers is accompanied by appendices that list her correspondents, titles of songs she collected and names of singers from whom she collected them. A select bibliography of publications by and about Gilchrist is also included.



E C Cawte Watching Cecil Sharp at Work
Gordon Ridgewell Review of 'Step Change'


Reviews — Books

Sigrid Rieuwerts 'The Subject of Folksong' (Gavin Greig)
The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, Volume 7: Songs of Love and Marriage
The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, Volume 8 Songs of Parting and Children's Songs
Norma Waterson and Martin Carthy The British Folk Revival, 1944-2002 (Michael Brocken)
Jacqueline Patten Blyth Voices (Katie Howson)
George Gruhn C.F. Martin and his Guitars, 1796-1873(Philip F. Gura)
Sigrid Rieuwerts The Ballad in Scottish History (Edward J. Cowan)
Philip V. Bohlman Das Akkordeon (Christoph Wagner)
Michael Yates The English Traditional Ballad (David Atkinson)
Pekko Gronow Ilmatar's Inspirations (Tina K. Ramnarine)
Roy Palmer Still Growing,/i> (Steve Roud, Eddie Upton and Malcolm Taylor)
Classic English Folk Songs. Revised (Ralph Vaughan Williams and A.L.Lloyd)
E C Cawte The Pace-Egg Plays of the Calder Valley (Eddie Cass)
Anne Daye The Almain in Britain, c. 1549- c. 1675 (Ian Payne)
Steve Roud Rainbow Quest (Ronald D. Cohen)
Sigrid Rieuwerts and Lena Steveker

A Dictionary of English Folklore (Jacqueline Simpson and Steve Roud)


Reviews — Sound Recordings

Andrew King The Gower Nightingale (Phil Tanner)
Gwilym Davies Here's Luck to a Man (Mike Yates)
Roy Palmer A Shropshire Lad (Fred Jordan)


Reviews — Electronic Resources

Elaine Bradtke

English Folk Play Research Home Page


Alun Howkins Bob Copper
Ed Cray Bruce Olson
Ian Russell Keith Summers


Cover illustration: Anne Gilchrist. Photograph from Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.

Editor: Michael Heaney


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