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Sea Songs and Shanties Pack


Sea Songs and Shanties Pack

by Carolyn Robson


This pack was devised for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils, and brings together sea songs and shanties collected in and around Bristol. 

Each song has teaching notes attached, and you can download the whole pack by clicking on the PDF tab. You can hear and download audio recordings of all the songs by clicking on the audio tab.

This pack is the result of a partnership between The Full English learning programme and Bristol Sings Music who are using this pack with various primary schools in Bristol.

Bristol Sings Music

Bristol Sings Music is the singing strategy for Bristol Plays Music. It aims to enable all children and young people in our schools to access opportunities to sing, and to develop their skills, knowledge and repertoire to maintain provision in the coming years. 

Led by Welsh National Opera, Bristol Sings Music also involves Bristol Plays Music, St George’s Bristol, Sing Up, South West Music School, Drake Music, Making Music, Bristol Choral Society and Bristol Schools' Music Society. The Partnership is passionate about singing in Bristol, bringing together good practice and join up the singing sector.

Leading on the project for Welsh National Opera is project manager Laurie Stewart.  Laurie has working in the field of music education for many years and was formally Sing Up Area Leader for Bristol. She is also a classically trained singer, studying at the Royal College of Music (BMus Hons) and The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (MMus).

Carolyn Robson

Carolyn is a professional singer and musician specialising in traditional folk song and dance.  Her extensive repertoire consists mainly of songs from her native Northumberland and Scotland as well as from other parts of the British Isles. Carolyn is also a qualified teacher and has taught at schools in England, Scotland and Wales.  She has been a consultant for a BBC TV Folk Dance series for schools, and until 1996 she was the Education Officer for the English Folk Dance and Song Society.  Carolyn directs several community choirs and runs workshops at festival and events across the country. 



More videos

  • A Long Time Ago - Roots Acappella

    Download: mp3(1.19MB) ogg(5.41MB)
  • A Long Time Ago - Roots Acappella

    Download: mp3(1.48MB) ogg(7.21MB)
  • A Long Time Ago - high - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(444.13KB) ogg(681.78KB)
  • A Long Time Ago - low - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(432.38KB) ogg(637.48KB)
  • A Long Time Ago - tune - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(533.13KB) ogg(883.22KB)
  • A Roving - Roots Acappella

    Download: mp3(1.17MB) ogg(5.12MB)
  • A Roving - harmony - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(627.66KB) ogg(963.59KB)
  • A Roving - tune - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(659.45KB) ogg(1.05MB)
  • Bold Pirate - Roots Acappella

    Download: mp3(2.13MB) ogg(9.80MB)
  • Bold Pirate - harmony - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(533.79KB) ogg(880.42KB)
  • Bold Pirate - tune - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(582.98KB) ogg(992.88KB)
  • Cheerful Arn - high - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(547.19KB) ogg(849.70KB)
  • Cheerful Arn - low - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(482.01KB) ogg(783.27KB)
  • Cheerful Arn - tune - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(456.97KB) ogg(750.67KB)
  • Gallant Southerner - Roots Acappella

    Download: mp3(1.47MB) ogg(6.64MB)
  • Gallant Southerner - harmony - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(609.18KB) ogg(991.99KB)
  • Gallant Southerner - tune - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(584.84KB) ogg(959.93KB)
  • Time Are Hard - high - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(277.09KB) ogg(442.23KB)
  • Times Are Hard - Roots Acappella

    Download: mp3(1.57MB) ogg(6.75MB)
  • Times Are Hard - alto - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(357.77KB) ogg(560.94KB)
  • Times Are Hard - tune - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(433.94KB) ogg(717.22KB)
  • Yeave Ho - Roots Acappella

    Download: mp3(1.01MB) ogg(4.94MB)
  • Yeave Ho - low part - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(553.26KB) ogg(759.23KB)
  • Yeave Ho - top part - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(585.96KB) ogg(827.36KB)
  • Yeave Ho - tune - Carolyn Robson

    Download: mp3(648.70KB) ogg(1.02MB)

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