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Credits and Reviews
Credits and Reviews Feedback This resource is free to use. We would love to know who you are, how you are using it and what you think of it. . Your feedback is vital to the development of our resource bank! Please email
Contemporary Folk Dance Fusion
Contemporary Folk Dance Fusion By Kerry Fletcher, Katie Howson and Paul Scourfield This resource is for dance teachers and dance artists working with students studying dance in secondary school. It is based on a project with KS5 A level...
Wild and Wicked Youth
Wild and Wicked Youth Robert Hurr’s Wild and Wicked Youth is another example of the popular ‘goodnight ballads’. It mentions ‘Fielding’s Gang’, which was London’s first police force (also known as the Bow Street Runners). Set up in 1749 by...
What Will We Do if We Have Got No Money
What Will We Do if We Have Got No Money From the singing of Mary Delaney, still said to be alive today and living in London. Mary is an Irish Traveller, blind and a singer of terrific vigour. Her repertoire includes many old songs learnt from...
Up To the Rigs
Up To the Rigs This misogynistic tale of deceit and wanton theft was very popular amongst country singers but not often noted down by Victorian and Edwardian collectors (who probably deemed it far too vulgar). Luckily this version was...
Stanley and Dora
Stanley and Dora The skiffle boom of the late 1950s, pioneered by the late Lonnie Donegan, brought the fresh new sound of American Rhythm and Blues to the UK. Instantly London became full of clubs and music nights emulating the style and...
Press Gang
Press Gang The army has employed devious ways of recruiting men (and occasionally women) and the press gang phenomenon gripped the public imagination like a grown man’s Bogyman. Songs arose from these reckless gangs gleaning the city taverns...
Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner
Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner Gregg Hubert is the forgotten composer of this song. He wrote the classic in 1944 – after watching German doodlebugs flying over his home – and described it as ‘a love song to my city’. Like the best songs,...
London Wherryman
London Wherryman A wherry is a light rowboat that is used for racing or for transporting goods and passengers in inland waters and harbours. In 1555 an Act of Parliament set up the Company of Watermen and Lightermen to control the watermen on...
London Steamer
London Steamer The London Steamer comes from the songs of Sam Larner, who was born in 1878 in Winterton, Norfolk. Signed up as a ‘Peggy’ or cabin boy at only 12 years old, Sam was involved in herring fishing until his forced retirement in...

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