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Songs from the James Madison Carpenter Folk Collection
This resource shares the ideas and repertoire EFDSS used as part of our Carpenter Folk Online education projects that took place in 2018. Written by Hazel Askew, the resource features a selection of seven diverse folk songs from the many...
Black Sailors and Sea Shanties
Black Sailors and Sea Shanties This pack explores the influence of black sailors on sea shanties and presents three songs with accompanying sheet music, recordings and activities - arranged by artists Adriano Adewale and Hazel Askew. EFDSS is...
A Long Time Ago Pulling Chanty
A Long Time Ago - Pulling Chanty A sea shanty arranged in 2 parts, suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 pupils. This song was collected from James Tucker (69 years old) by Cecil Sharp, at Merchant Venturers Alms Houses, Bristol, 14 July 1914....
A Sailor's Life Key Stage 1
Written by Hazel Askew and Martha Burns Findlay. This learning resource has been designed to inspire and support primary school teachers and pupils to explore the life of sailors aboard Nelson’s Navy through music, history and literacy, creating...
Sea Songs and Shanties for Tall Ships
In the run-up to the Rendez-Vouz Tall Ships Regatta 2017, the Royal Borough of Greenwich supported schools and groups in the borough to participate in a range of linked activities. The Tall Ships come regularly to the Royal Borough of...
Essex Folk Song Discovery: Coastal Songs
Songs mainly for Key Stages 2 & 3 Packed with fantastic folk songs from the coastal regions of Essex, this resource is full of pirates, sailors, fisherman and more. With a focus on Key Stage 2 and 3, with audio, notation and teachers’ notes,...
Acre of Land
Acre Of Land The word 'ivery' in this song is a dialect pronunciation of the word 'ivy'. My father left me an acre of land There goes this ivery, My father left me an acre of land, And a bunch of green holly and ivery. I ploughed it with my ram’s...
An Introduction to English Sea Songs and Shanties
Explore the background to English Sea Songs and Shanties.
Essex Folk Song Discovery
In 2016, the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) was commissioned to deliver the Essex Folk Song Discovery Project by Essex Music Education Hub in seven schools in the Uttlesford region of north west Essex. The project was developed...
Twas in the Good Ship Rover
Donkey Riding
Donkey Riding, a traditional work song, was sung by sailors of Celtic and English origin as they loaded timber on the decks of ships in the Canadian harbors of Québec and Miramichi. When loaded, the ships sailed away to London, England;...

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