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Cambridgeshire Children's Games

Cambridgeshire Children's Games

by Mary Humphreys


The games presented in this pack were collected from girls at Littleport Town Girls’ School, in Cambridgeshire, by Cecil Sharp on 8 September 1911.


Many children's games were collected in Cambridgeshire and can be used in schools' projects, particularly amongst younger pupils (KS1) and those whose mother tongue is not English.


The games can be modified or brought up-to-date as extended project work if desired. Many of the songs can be used as a basis for projects in other areas of the curriculum, such as literacy, history or even science


Mary Humphreys is a singer, musician and song researcher who has worked on several schools' projects initiated by EFDSS, Cambridgeshire County Council, East Anglian Traditional Music Trust and Suffolk Folk. She also leads children's workshops at festivals. Mary worked on the Bewick Bridge Primary School project as part of The Full English learning programme.


You can hear audio recordings of all the songs performed by Mary Humphreys by clicking on the audio tab.

You can download the Cambridgeshire Children's Games pack and a poster of two of the games by clicking on the PDF tab.

More videos

  • Cock Robin - Mary Humphreys

    Download: mp3(1.65MB) ogg(3.30MB)
  • Draw A Pail of Water - Mary Humphreys

    Download: mp3(929.59KB) ogg(1.89MB)
  • Lady On The Mountain - Mary Humphreys

    Download: mp3(1.81MB) ogg(3.95MB)
  • Mother Bring Me a Milking Pail - Mary Humphreys

    Download: mp3(2.27MB) ogg(4.57MB)
  • Rain Rain Zein - Elizabeth Woodcock - Mary Humphreys

    Download: mp3(535.71KB) ogg(1.09MB)
  • Rain Rain Zein - original - Mary Humphreys

    Download: mp3(540.82KB) ogg(1.04MB)
  • What Had You For Dinner - Mary Humphreys

    Download: mp3(520.41KB) ogg(1.03MB)

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