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Library lecture


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Library Lecture: 'I have believed in spirits from that day unto this': The Ghostly Crew [Roud 1922], ghostlore and tradtional song by Paul Cowdell


Cecil Sharp House, London

When the Charles Haskell sank the Andrew Jackson in 1866, it produced a local narrative of a ‘ghost ship’ that was adapted into a song still in the oral tradition.

This talk will use the ‘The Ghostly Crew’ to explore the folklore of ghosts, its representation in traditional song and the relationship between oral and literary narratives, illustrated with recorded songs and accounts from recent fieldwork into contemporary ghost belief.

Dr Paul Cowdell has an MA in Folklore and Cultural Tradition from the University of Sheffield, wher e he focused on traditional song, and a PhD awarded by the University of Hertfordshire for his research into contemporary belief in ghosts.

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