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At the heart of English folk
Spring 2017 Workshops

Saturday Folk Music Workshops return for 2017

Whether you want to learn to play from scratch, or improve your technique and musical confidence, come and enjoy high quality teaching from professional folk musicians at Cecil Sharp House.

We run classes in AccordionBanjo (five string), FiddleGuitarMelodeon (D/G with at least two right hand rows) and Song, with mixed instrument classes - Folk Band and Stepping Stones to Sessions.

Our spring term begins on 28 January, so enrol today! 

Spring term 2017 21, 28 January | 4, 18 February | 4, 18 March | 1, 8, 22 April
Termly fee £108 | £86 concessions

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This term, accordion classes are offered for Improvers (Level 2) and Intermediate players (Level 3-4). This course aims to show the range of techniques through tunes and musical arrangements with the emphasis on the English tradition.

The classes are taught by Paul Hutchinson, an experienced workshop leader and resident tutor at Cecil Sharp House, who also teaches at Marlborough College, Benslow Music Centre, Folkworks Summer Schools and Halsway Manor.

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This term, Progressive (Level 2) and Improver/Intermediate (Level 3-4) banjo classes will be offered. During its heyday in the 19th century, the banjo was very popular internationally and huge numbers were made and played in the UK in classical banjo bands and even banjo orchestras.

The classes are taught by Ed Hicks, one of the leading banjo players in the UK, who has played at many prestigious venues including Glastonbury Festival, Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre, Rock am Ring (Germany), The Victoria and Albert Museum and Shepherd Bush Empire.

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Fiddle classes for absolute Beginners (Level 1), Improvers (Level 2-3), and Intermediate players (Level 4) will be offered during the spring term. This course aims to introduce traditional fiddle tunes and accompaniments and open the door to developing personal style.

Level 1 classes are taught by Beth Gifford, an experienced performer, composer, workshop leader and teacher. Levels 2-3 and 4 are taught by Laurel Swift, a fiddle player, a dancer and an inspiring instigator of creative new projects and performances rooted in the folk arts. 

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Guitar classes will be offered for Beginners (Level 2) and Improvers/Intermediate players (Level 3-4) this term. The classes explore all aspects of folk guitar; from flat picking tune playing to chordal accompaniment for folk songs.

The course is taught by David Delarre, a musician, composer and teacher of guitar, mandolin and banjo who currently plays for Eliza Carthy.

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Melodeon classes during the spring term will be offered to Progressive players (Level 2) and Improvers/Intermediate players (Level 3-4). This course will cover the playing of D/G melodeons with at least two rows and will focus mainly on music from the British Isles, but will also cover traditional playing styles from other parts of Europe.

Melodeon classes are taught by Hazel Askew, a London based singer, musician and workshop leader who has worked as a performer on the folk scene for many years.

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The song class is open to all who have a general interest in learning traditional folk repertoire. This class aims to introduce the large and highly evolved repertoire of British traditional song through a practical workshop, through the learning and exploration of these songs and listening in to the voice of our cultural ancestors.

The class is taught by Hazel Askew, a London based singer, musician and workshop leader who has worked as a performer on the folk scene for many years.

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Mixed instruments

Stepping Stones to Sessions (Level 3-4) classes will be offered for mixed instruments this term. This course is the gateway that will give you the skills, confidence, repertoire and etiquette to join in with traditional music sessions around the world!

The class is taught by Laurel Swift, a fiddle player, a dancer and an inspiring instigator of creative new projects and performances rooted in the folk arts.  

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Monday Folk Choir Workshops

Learn folk songs from England, the British Isles and beyond at our Monday Folk Choir Workshops! This class is suitable for adult singers over the age of 16 and for all abilities, without the pressure and commitment of public performance. Material is taught by ear.

Enrol today for the spring term, which begins 16 January!

Spring term 2017 16, 23 January | 6, 27 February | 6, 20, 27 March 7-9pm
Termly fee: £70 (£56 concessions)

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The Full English

The Full English

Unlocking hidden treasure of England’s cultural heritage. The Full English is the world’s largest free digital archive English folk songs, tunes, dances and customs. Containing more than 58,400 items from 12 of the country’s most important early 20th century folk music collections, you can delve into wherever you are in the world.


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