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At the heart of English folk
The Histories of the Morris in Britain


£55 weekend (£40 youth) | £35 day (£25 youth)


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The Histories of Morris in Britain

- (Doors: 9.30am)

Cecil Sharp House, London

This specialist conference will focus on morris dancing within the British Isles and its history up to recent times.

As an enduring feature of British culture across more than six centuries, research in, and understanding, appreciation and practice of, our vernacular dance genre is worth celebrating.

Contributions from practitioners and scholars have been invited to this two-day event to share practice, archival research, oral history and local custom. This may be in the form of papers and talks for 30 minute slots to include discussion time, or workshops of 90 minutes, or posters. It is planned that selected papers will be published in a volume of proceedings.

Lunch included.

Organised by The Historical Dance Society in partnership with English Folk Dance and Song Society and The Morris Ring, The Morris Federation, Open Morris.

Saturday Programme

Women in Morris
This Girl Can Morris Dance: Girls’ Carnival Morris Dancing and the Politics of Participation / Lucy Wright
The Women’s Morris Federation – from start to finish / Val Parker
What to Dance? What to Wear? The Repertoire and Costume of Morris Women in the 1970s / Sally Wearing

Morris at Court
Rank Outsider or an Outsider of Rank? Mr Isaac’s Morris Dance / Jennifer Thorp
Morris and Masque at the Jacobean Court / Anne Daye

The Early Revival
Morris Tunes Collected by James Madison Carpenter / Elaine Bradtke
“Pilgrimages to Holy Places”: The Travelling Morrice, 1922-1939 / Matt Simons
“I Ring for the General Dance”: Morris and Englishness in the Work of Conrad Noel / Katie Palmer Heathman

Material Culture
Why Do Morris Dancers Wear White? / Chloe Metcalfe
Materialising Morris Dancing: Tangible Aspects of an Intangible Heritage / David Petts

See the programme for Sunday

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